Essay The Multiverse Is Never-ending

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Everything is connected in some way. When one universe blinks out of existence, another begins to form. When a living thing dies it’s energy or life force is released and another being, or two or three, is born. The Multiverse is a never ending cycle of constant rebirth. Each universe is connected, and once in a great while, an opening allows something to squeeze through to another universe. “Anna? Anna! Stop daydreaming.” Adrianna snapped out of a fog to the sound of a demanding and slightly high pitched voice. Her green eyes staring blankly at her friends nicely tanned face for a moment before she remembered they were having lunch in the park. She sighed softly while rubbing her eyes and pushing hair curly brown locks back from her …show more content…

Her husband had bought it as a way for them to get out of town and back to nature. It had a fairly small cabin and a large pond surrounded by trees. Adrianna had to admit it did sound appealing, as it was late spring so the flowering trees around the pond would be in full bloom. Deidre, on the other hand, wanted her to dress in renaissance garb while they were there. Anna never did understand her best friends obsession with that era since women had been treated so badly, but she did have to admit that a lot of the clothing was quite beautiful. Anna tilted her head to the side and gazed at her friend’s rounded face for a few seconds as she debated with herself. Finally she nodded and said, “Alright, Dee, you win. I’ll go out to the pond and wear your silly outfits. At least nobody else will be able to see them. Oh, and NO pictures!” She pointed a finger at Dee for emphasis. Her friend squealed loudly and clapped her hands, grinning wildly. “Oh, you’ll love it! Once you wear the outfits I have picked out for you, you won’t ever want to wear your work clothes again. Trust me on this. This is going to be so much fun.” Adrianna couldn’t help but smile at her friends enthusiasm as they gathered their things to head back to their work places. They didn’t work together, but had met in an aerobics class several years ago. Adrianna worked in a coffee shop and rented the apartment over it because the owner cut the price in a deal with her for

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