The Multiverse Theory

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The argument suggesting life existing on other Earth-like planets has been present since man first looked into space and questioned his own existence and the existence of others like him. Today there are many theories on the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but only one theory goes beyond them and into an even larger realm. The contents of this theory, known as the “multiverse” theory, suggest that humans on Earth live within one universe of many others that reside within a primordial vacuum containing many other universes (Jenkins and Perez). Each of these universes possesses potentially different natural constants and physical laws that govern them differently, thus calling forth some logical questions. First,…show more content…
Slightly shifting any of these variables individually can result in the destruction of life or the inability for life to form in the first place. However such shifts can, if varied simultaneously with another constant of principle, result in other plausible universes that render carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen-like atoms, which could eventually create a form of intelligent life somewhat resembling humans (Jenkins and Perez, 47). Based on the experimentation performed by physicists Alejandro Jenkins and Gilad Perez, there are four fundamental forces that enable life within our universe, without which humans would not exist. They consist of the strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force, gravity, and weak nuclear force. Because the other three forces are so vital to the existence of life, the two decided to eliminate the weak nuclear force and study the resulting possibilities via simulations and graphical reasoning. Their experiment created graphs showing two variables, one per axis. They showed that there is a “small range [within each variable that is] congenial to life” (Jenkins and Perez), and by combining two variables, the range supporting life increases. This means that if other universes do exist in an infinite quantity, as this theory asserts, the probability that intelligent life exists within them is high. Though not all possess conditions that support organic molecules

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