The Search for Extraterrestrial Life Essay

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Abstract: Scientists claim that other life forms do in fact exist based on probability. The conditions necessary for life are likely to be present on various other planets. Signs of possible life have been found in material from outer space. Much research has been dedicated to proving the existence of life on Mars. SETI is a program entirely dedicated to finding and establishing communication with extra terrestrials. If other life forms are found, communication with these beings will be a difficult task. Laws to protect humans from the dangers of extraterrestrial beings are already in effect. Although contact with alien beings has not yet been made, technology today may make it a reality in the near future.

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Among the billions of stars in each galaxy, many have planets that revolve around them. At least a few are bound to be of the right size and have the correct spatial orientation with respect to their star to allow life to grow. We believe this because life exists on the Earth. Astronomers have concluded that there must be hundreds of billions of other stars with conditions approximating those of the sun. Therefore there could be a million earth like planets with advanced civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy alone (Stilley). It is very probable that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

Most astronomers and scientists seem firmly convinced of this fact. Although there is not any direct (or even indirect) evidence to support these claims that other sentient life is sharing the universe with us. However, this lack of evidence showing that extraterrestrial life forms exist is not proof that they do not exist. It just does not seem logical that our planet is the only place where life and intelligence could have developed. The odds are billions against life of some form being unique to the Earth only. The Earth is unimportant in the grand scale of things in the galaxy. By this I am referring to its' size and position in the universe. In fact, the American Association for the Advancement of Science suggests that the true question that we should be
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