The Murder And Robbery Of A Teenage Girl By Six African American Men

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On June 15th, 1920, three innocent men were beaten and lynched in Duluth, Minnesota. The alleged rape and robbery of a teenage girl by six African American men, led a mob of protesters to kidnap three of the men and punish them without trial . Durring this time, racial tensions were at an all-time high in Duluth . The Duluth lynchings were met with different reactions, and in many ways it sparked a change in the United States. Events such as this one often go unremembered due to their troubling nature, but these events are educational and necessary to learn while investigating Minnesota history. The background, legal action, and after math of it all show how Minnesota, and the country as a whole reacted to this event . While some Local Duluth newspaper responded in favor of the mob, the majority of National newspapers condemned the mob for their heinous crimes. Opposite reactions from multiple news reports shows how divided our country was about civil rights at the time, and how controversial the topic was . A call to action was needed. The Duluth lychings affected the nation by showing how controversial civil rights was at this time, and influencing the creation of new programs and laws to protect the rights of African Americans in our country. The 1920’s presented many hardships for the small black community the resided in Duluth. Racial tensions in the city, as well as all over the country, were high during this period . Duluth’s population grew due to the harbor and
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