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  • Business Owner Of Faith Based House Call Company

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    Thomasson, the business owner of faith based House Call Company, chose to run his business on his Christian principles. Leaning on the Parable of the Talents to guide his decisions of employee responsibility, training and excellence, he also continues to strive for excellent customer service. He believes that he should live out his faith and that means through his company, not just on a Sunday and Wednesday when he attends church or Bible study with his group of like minded business owners. As

  • Case Study Booth House

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    affecting the client, and the severity of the problem. Booth House does a screening process in the form of their Hotline call, and an assessment when they do their Intake. A Hotline Call is the screening process that will inform those looking for shelter if they can receive shelter at Booth House. The first question aims to get the name, age and sex of the individual who is seeking shelter. It than askes about who is making the call and the reason why the individual or the person who is calling

  • Pingo Family Plan

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    When a loved one enters a halfway house or an addiction rehab, most family members and friends find difficulties in maintaining relationships. It is a very intense moment for the patient, and a lot of energy is focused on recovery from drug(s) addiction. Communication plays a role in the recovery process. It portrays love and support to the patient . Most people nowadays communicate through phone calls. They are way cheaper and are easier to use. Phone calls help patients to keep in touch with their

  • The Pigman

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    the story of a friend who died. One day after school John and Lorraine, along with their friends Norton and Dennis, prank call a man named Angelo Pignati, pretending to be charity workers for a charity named the “L. and J. Fund”. During the prank call, Mr. Pignati kindly agrees to donate money to the fake charity. The following day, John and Lorraine go to Mr. Pignati’s house to collect the money. Mr. Pignati welcomes them with open arms, telling John and Lorraine to make themselves comfortable

  • Horror Movie Rules

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    The third rule is to never go into a haunted house. It is very irritating when people in horror movies don’t think that much. The first rule is to think before you do things. A lot of people in horror movies scream while running away, but that just helps the killer find you. Not a lot of people call the police when there is a killer watching them. There are perfectly working phones right next to them, but they never use them. The people alone in a house at night always want to be brave, but they

  • Personal Narrative: Hey, Baby Girl

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    I'm going to call him as soon as we get off of the phone.” I ended the call and took a deep breath. I was so nervous to call Lester that I had to use the bathroom. I left my phone on the couch and relieved my bladder in Shay's Master bath. When I came back to the phone, I had a missed call from him. I was going to call him back, but he'd left a message. I wonder what he was up to now, so I listened to his message:

  • Statewide Corporation

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    waiting. An answering machine will take the calls and record the time of the call if the maintenance person is busy. Past experiences at other complexes has shown that during the week when most occupants are at school, there is

  • I Am A Great First Impression

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    “Make sure you always have a smile on your face. Nobody wants to buy a house from a girl who looks like somebody just killed her dog.” That was the first bit of advice I was given on my sashay with a salesperson. I painted my smile on in hopes that I could help my salesperson, and mother, sell a house that day while I learned what it took to be a good salesperson. Salespeople are often thought to be manipulators who tell you what you want to hear to and hide truths to get you to buy their product

  • Essay on Do Not Call List

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    Abstract For years companies from all areas of commerce were allowed to call anyone they thought might be a candidate for their product without repercussions. A court order on Feb, 17th 2004 upheld an order to allow the general public to be listed on a do not call list. Businesses will now be held responsible if they contact someone on this list without their permission. The question is did the court make the right decision.      We may not agree on much

  • Short Story: A Mother's Murder

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    rolling down her face. The pain was so severe. “Don't worry mommy, Geana will be here soon” said Areana to her mom. Areana yelled to Deja “ Get mom's phone and call 9-1-1 and then call dad, NOW mom’s having the baby.” She pick up mom’s phone with fear in her eyes and dialed. She heard a scream which frightened her but yet she was able to call 9-1-1 and daddy. “My mommy, she’s in trouble. I think she's having her baby.” As she calmly spoke to the operator. The operator implied, “ Stay on the phone