The Murder of Julius Caesar

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While attending a meeting at the Senate, Caesar was ambushed and viciously attacked with daggers by the “Liberators.” Antistius, the attending physician who performed the autopsy, said during an interview, “Caesar has been brutally stabbed 33 times, but only one of these proved fatal, & that was to his heart.”
Although many details have not been released, I have learned the list of suspects of the crime includes, Marcus Brutus & Cassius Longinus, along with sixty or more other Senate members. These men were later detained by Roman officials, as this was the group seen with Caesar moments before his death. As secrets of a conspiracy are slowly unfolding, many Roman’s think Caesar had displeased the senators by achieving total control over the Roman Army. One citizen, who wishes to remain anonymous said, “They, (the Senate), were afraid that Caesar would gain complete authority, and that would threaten the future of the Roman Republic.” According to another source within the Senate, “Caesar did not rise to greet a group of senators who were granting new honors upon him and that probably angered the Senate more. I…
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