The Musculoskeletal System : A Made Up Of The Muscular System And The Skeletal System

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The musculoskeletal system is a made up of the muscular system and the skeletal system. The skeletal system provides the internal framework for the body, it protects the organs by enclosing it and anchors skeletal muscles so that the muscles can contract thus causing movement. The skeleton is divided into two divisions: the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton (Taylor & Cohen, 2013, p. 94). The Axial skeleton are the bones that have formed the longitudinal axis of the body which is made up of the skull, the vertebral column and the thoracic cage (Taylor & Cohen, 2013, p. 98). The Appendicular skeleton are the bones of limbs and griddles that are attached to the axial skeleton (Taylor & Cohen, 2013, p. 103). The skeletal system is made up of bones and joints. Bones are a dry dense tissue that is composed of calcium phosphorous and organic matter. The bones are protected and covered by a layer of fibrous connective tissue membrane called the periosteum (Brown, et al., 2015, p. 1547). There are two basic types of bone tissue: Compact Bone and Spongy Bone. Compact bones are dense smooth bones, while Spongy bones are composed of small needle-like pieces of bones and open space. Bones are then categorised according to the shape of the bone into four groups: long, short, flat and irregular. Long bones characteristically are typically longer then they are wide and generally have a shaft with heads at either ends e.g. the humerus. They are mainly compact bones. Short bones

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