The Museum Of Natural History

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Museums are information organizations, that is, they are about giving the most up-to-date information to their patrons. No matter how well their organization, commercially, is wrap it up that part of them remains the same. From the two museums that I visited, the Henry Ford Museum and the Museum of Natural History, are clearly about passing information to the patron. There are differences between them, however, it is the equivalences that I want to focus on as they are what bind them. The three areas of focus are community, academic outreach, and the stories they share. Creating a strong and vibrant community is important to museums. Dr. Ronquillo, a leader a Philippine Archeology museum, so elegantly wrote, “A properly planned community museum can express and elucidate the community 's cultural wealth through the appropriate presentation and exhibition of their important natural and cultural heritage” (Ronquillo, 1992). It is the community that keeps generation after generation coming back to see the history that us humans, the earth, and beyond have gone through. The journey of information, for most, begins as a child during our time at school. For the Museum of Natural History, this is quite literal as the museum is a part of the University of Michigan culture. They have the mascot, the wolverine, College students are going in and out of there through the day. Most are heading to class or doing work-study, but a community is still present. But it is just not college
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