The Frick Collection And The Met

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The Frick Collection and The Met: A Comparison The Frick Collection and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are both very distinct art museums. If you visit the museums or their online websites, it becomes very apparent that they differ in historical backgrounds, in their curatorial departments, in the way in which they were founded and then funded and in the collections of art that they house. I visited both museums and it was evident to me that they bore many differences, and at the same time, they were also similar in some aspects. Historically, the Frick Collection was a private collection by Henry Clay Frick, who started the collection and housed it in his own home. After his and his wife’s death, it was publicly opened as a museum in …show more content…

However, when I first entered the museum, it felt very dark and it smelled of wood. It gave me the feeling of being at the house when it was up and running. What I noticed about the way the paintings were displayed was that in each hallway, one painting in every room would appear right in front of you, which also portrays the value of each of those paintings because of the way they were placed to be seen. (2) Both museums are situated in ‘wealthy’ areas of New York City and thus indicate that there may be an association between the grandeur of museums and wealth or sophistication. Another aspect that I found to be very interesting was the way in which each of the museums offered different multimedia formats to facilitate the visitor’s experience with the artwork in display. I noticed that both museums offered applications for smartphones and tablets, free of charge, to assist the visitors with getting the most possible out of the museum. Visiting a museum can be a very distracting task because there is so much to see and without a plan or a navigating system that helps you make your way towards the museum, it can be hard to gain something from your visit. Both apps are accessible to most people and very easy to navigate through. These apps included audio guides, exhibition information, calendars, events and so on. However, I noticed

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