The Music Of Rap And Hip Hop

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With the release of her single off her second album ‘The Pink Print’ in 2014 Nicki Minaj dropped the anticipated video for her single ‘Anaconda’. The video not only captivated the minds her massive fan base but it also disordered both the hip-hop culture and the community of individuals of feminist political movements. The lack of credit presented to Minaj was overwhelming; many have forgotten the path in which she has caved for many upcoming artists who chose to become rappers. She has proven her ability to be an outspoken woman in the world of rap and hip-hop, an industry that finds itself in constant battle with ideas of women and sexuality. By conquering a genre made up of male figures while exploiting her lyrical skill, Minaj has…show more content…
In only the spam of 24hours, 19.6 million people around the country watched the music video to her single ‘Anaconda’, while generating debates of sexuality and empowerment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when Nicki is seen parading her body around in a music video, the way in which celebrities are still relevant is through the ability to produce revenue and have people talking. Nicki doesn’t shy away from criticism and stereotypes, in the very first shot of the video she appears from the jungle, calling on the idea of how society places judgement and ideals of a black women being of an “exotic and animalistic” beast. Her body alone is a statement within itself, not only is she reclaiming the idealistic images of a curvy women but she is also reclaiming it to fit the realism of how females come in different shapes and sizes.

There is a perception and ideology among consumers who are exposed to the content in which certain artists choose to demonstrate through their music. It is a simple determinist view to place the notions that entertainment moguls like Nicki Minaj are using their overexposed sexuality to increase sales in all revenues they may be apart of, but there is also a deeper meaning entailed that incorporates an empowering margin of women that is not always shown in the media industry. Nicki Minaj actions may not be those of a traditional approach to feminism,
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