What Is Lashkar-E-Taiba?

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Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET), meaning “army of pure”, is a Pakistani based Islamic terrorist organization. LET is a Sunni group, and they follow the Ahle-Haith interpretation of Islam, which is similar to Salafism.1 LET is consider as one of the oldest and extremely powerful jihad group. LET’s wants to conduct jihad on behalf of Allah, preach the true religion and train the new generation about true Islamic lines. LET aligns its ideology goals with the interest of the Pakistani state. LET has stated that they want to create an Islamic caliphate, by getting rid of India’s security forces from the Jammu and Kashmir regions. In the past few years, the group’s agenda has "moved towards a more global anti-Western ideology" that …show more content…

The shura council is made of different department heads and others in leadership positions were established to oversee all operations. The shura council make all major decisions about the group’s missionary and military activities. LET has been active since 1993, and has reportedly received funds and instructions from the Pakistani’s Intelligence agency, Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) to target Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir.5 The funding ended in 2002 when Pakistan banned the group and froze its assets, because the United States named LET as a terrorist entity.6 Osama Bin Laden inspired LET, and they continue to maintain close ties with Al Qaeda, Inter-Service Intelligence, and the Taliban. Al Qaeda frequently provided training to LET operatives. By following Al-Qaeda’s example, LET is a centralized organization for militant groups in Pakistan. LET provides training, assistance, and the facilitation of communications between organizations, such as Hizbul-Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Muhammad in Kashmir, and Harakat-ul-Johad-ul-Islamic located in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Additionally, LET’s has sent its trainees to fight in "Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, and in Central Asia" (Padukone, 2011).7 LET has trained fighters from Bosnia, Philippines, Somalia, numerous Arab countries and in the United States and Europe.8 LET reportedly has connectivity in west Asia, Europe, and reportedly a module in Virginia. Prior to LET contributing to al Qaeda global

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