The History of the Terrorist Group Hamas Essay

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Terrorism in the Middle East has brought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the attention of the world. These terrorist groups use murder, bombs, threats, and other violent acts to get their way politically. Hamas, the organization that has replaced Fatah as the representative of the Palestinians, is a leading sponsor of terrorism. The Hamas are the leading reason there is not peace in the middle east as they strongly embrace terrorism. This group was created in 1978 and continues to expand its power today. It began as a branch of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. This terrorist group has several goals ranging from creating a Islamic state to continuing the armed struggle against Israeli occupation of Palestine territories. Their acts of …show more content…

Hamas involvement in the government expanded from there reaching to armed warfare on December 27th of last year. Hama’s main goal is to make a caliphate that includes west strip, gaza strip and Israel. They are willing to get this by any means. However they also focus on short goals which include replacing Islamic and palestine territories with states. They want to be recognized on a world wide scale. They slowly work towards their goal of getting rid of the palestine and islamic territories and replacing them with a islamic state in palestine. They try to achieve this goal by any means. They take drastic measures to put fear in their enemies. Since their creation in 1987 they have been responsible for at least 557 deaths1 with a strong chance of more that were not confirmed. They are best known for their car bombings on civilians but also they have committed suicide bombings, plane bombings, and other murders. Between April 6th and March 1994 they had 1 car bombing killing eight, and three suicide bombings killing a total 72 innocent civilians.2 Even as recent as 2000 they have killed 114 civilians in bombings. They are completely ruthless there is video evidence of them picking up young children and using them as human shields from firing enemies. Also they have been accused of torturing prisoners, firing on unarmed

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