The Myers Briggs Personality Test

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is discussed in two steps. In Step 1, the results of my Myers-Briggs Personality test are discussed while going into detail about each letter. Real life examples are provided for context of each letter. The weaknesses of each letter are also discussed. In Step 2, the lessons learned about how it relates to organizational behavior and to my specific organization are discussed. Project 1: Myers-Briggs Personality Test Discussion The Myers-Brigg Typology test is designed to reveal the four-letter type that can help individuals better understand the personality preferences and use that knowledge to improve their outlook in life including personal and career interactions. Augmented by this are the Four …show more content…

This at first seems antithetical to my role as a leader and a manager in the United States Air Force. As I stated before, I am an officer directly in charge of personnel charged with completing mission and duties. As an officer, I very regularly have to be vocal and give orders and directives, which are necessary to advance the mission of my organization. As an introvert, I often spend a good deal of time shaping exactly what I want to say when I need to give an order. I cannot just say something on the spot, unless I suspect I notice something illegal or unethical. Other than those two circumstances, I make sure my directions are clear before I say it, in fear that my subordinates might not understand my order. In one example of this, I was tasked with my first major government contract: an expansion and addition of the base gym, which had an estimated value of $15 million. Every day I had to relay the latest information to my subordinates from the meetings that I had with the leadership of the stakeholders for the project-gym managers, my organizational leadership, and the construction contractors. I would often receive a large amount of new information that I needed to explain to those I was in charge of in order for them to execute the government contracting side of things. Early on, I would spend more time than I would like crafting what I needed done by other people. As an introvert, I need the time process large amounts of information before I

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