The Myth Of Dante 's Divine Comedy By Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

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A Myth is a story that keeps being retold. How is the myth of Glaucus actualized (i.e. what are the new cultural implications at stake) in the first Canto of Paradise of Dante’s Divine Comedy? And in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? ( /2) The Myth of Glaucus begins when Glaucus, a mortal in Greek mythology, becomes immortal by eating a magical herb. When he goes into the water he is then turned into a prophetic god of the sea. This myth is actualized the film, Harry potter and the Goblet of fire, when Harry consumes the Ghillie weed and grows flippers and gills when he jumps into the lake. This transformation is done through magic, rather than a miracle, so it has a magical theme rather than a spiritual one, loosing the religious aspect. The weed Harry consumes in the story is very similar to the one used in the myth of Glaucus showing where the idea of the Ghillie weed came from, and how the transformation is actualized through magic. The myth of Glacus is also actualized in Dante’s Divine Comedy when Dante transcends beyond the human kind, and becomes equal to the Gods by looking at Beatrice, similar to how Glaucus used the herb to gain his power. Beatrice stood unmoved; and I with ken Fix’d upon her, from upward gaze removed, At her aspect, such inwardly became 65 As Glaucus, when he tasted of the herb That made him peer among the ocean gods: Words may not tell of that trans-human change; And therefore let the example serve, though weak, For

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