The Myth Of The Latin Women Summary

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I'm honored to be selected as the person to choose a speech to honor social justice advocates. I believe that the article entitled “The Myth of the Latin Women: I Just met a girl named Maria” by Judith Cofer, is the best candidate for this speech. In this article, Ortiz claims that she was one of the fortunate ones because of her education and proficiency in the English language, compared to her “ Compañeras” that never even had the opportunity to get an education. Regardless of her opportunities she was still labeled.The purpose of this article is to inform about her upbringing being a Latina. Ortiz’s tone thought the article is irritated. She portrays herself as irritated throughout the article to ensure that the public, her audience, understands that words do hurt and stereotypes aren’t okay. Ortiz uses understatements and logos throughout this article. Ortiz uses an understatment as a tactic;since a young age she was thought of as different because of something she couldn't change,“The line I first heard based on this aspect of the myth happened when the boy who took me to my first formal dance leaned over to plant a sloppy overeager kiss painfully on my mouth, and when I did not respond with sufficient passion said in a respectful tone: ‘ I thought you Latin girls were supposed to mature early’-my first instance of being thought of as a fruit or vegetable- I was supposed to ripen, not just grow into Womanhood like other girls.” Usually, everyone remembers their

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