The Mythology Of The Iliad

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In The Iliad, the Olympian Gods were depicted as a group of individuals who were still completely vulnerable to mistake and harm despite their great power. Zeus was one, if not the biggest and most powerful God among all other Gods. Known as the King of the Gods, Zeus was a mighty, dominant, and seemingly supreme God, despite his tendency to show surprising silliness and sometimes, the lack of wisdom through his choices, especially when it came to love affairs, which eventually led to many problems that could have been prevented. Zeus, in The Iliad, Zeus is a representation of how ancient Gods were just normal humans equipped with a great degree of power and capabilities, but they have the tendency to show humanly behavior and mistakes. In the Homer’s Iliad, Gods are very susceptible to human desire. At some point, Gods can act more “human” than actual humans would act. They would think, act, speak, and do other things just like a human being. The only thing that seems to differ Gods and human is their immortality, power and authority over things. Compared to the gods found in Abrahamic religions, Greek Gods base their decisions and action without principle but feelings and their personal opinion. Greek God are known to be capricious, prone to arguments over insignificant things, showing a very close relationship with human behavior. These characteristics of Greek Gods are probably generated due to the lack of need to thrive and survive since they are immortal and

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