Marijuan Medicinal Purposes And Benefits Essay

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Known by the botanical name “cannabis”, Marijuana also has several other street names such as “bud” or “herb” is the preparation of the cannabis plant which is part of the flower genome. The cannabis plants main uses are as psychoactive drug for humans looking for a high or medicinal purposes.
Cannabis has been in human history for centuries. It not only in biographies written by various people throughout history since the 17th century but there are also some cultures such as the native American culture used marijuana as part of their religious practice. Today marijuana plays a major role in our society, whether national or local, it has touched our lives in some ways. Even now it is major pint in political debate. As of now marijuana is legal in 30 states in the United States nd has been and now is considered to have medicinal purposes and benefits. Although marijuana in medicine is poorly researched and awareness is key the main purpose of this essay is to aware the people of its uses and potential. Marijuana consistently proves it worth such as helping certain patients for example patients with glaucoma or restriction of the eyes blood vessels and many other health concerns. Also being that cannabis is a plant and that when medicated it goes through certification not only is it legal but a s natural as it gets so the main point is that marijuana is medicine and here are some factors to lighten the path as to why.

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