The NFL Coaching Career of Marty Schottenheimer

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The Career of Marty Schottenheimer Marty Schottenheimer was one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time,because he turned hopeless teams into playoff contenders. Throughout his career Schottenheimer coached the:Cleveland Brown,Kansas City Chiefs,Washington Redskins,and the San Diego Chargers. Schottenheimer brought a whole new play style to the nfl.. This new play style changed the game of football. This play style became known as “Marty Ball.” To briefly explain Marty Ball,is was playing tough defence,controlling the clock, and most importantly taking the game one play at a time(“Nfl Top 10 Motivational coaches”). In 1984 Schottenheimer got his first head Coaching job with the Cleveland Browns half way through the season. Before Schottenheimer was promoted to head coach the Browns had not made the playoffs in two years. When Schottenheimer became coach the Browns were already halfway through the season and had 1 win and 7 losses (“ ”). The rest of the year Schottenheimer was able to finish the season with 4 wins and 4 losses. The next year Schottenheimer was able to have his first full season with the Browns,as a head coach. In that year, the browns had eight wins and 8 losses. This was barely enough for them to make the playoffs that year. In Schottenheimer's 5 years with the Browns, he took them to the playoffs 4 times.His best year in the playoffs, came in 1987. In that 1987 season the Browns went to the AFC(American Football

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