Essay on The NYS Early Learning Guidelines

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The NYS Early Learning Guidelines were created as a reference guide by the Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC) for those who are responsible for the care and education of young children. These guidelines can help early childhood professionals with learning and developing their skills in order to foster children’s growth and development. The guideline focuses on the five domains: Physical well-being, Health and Motor Development, Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to learning, Cognition and General Knowledge, Language, Communication and Literacy. Each of these domains are separated by milestone that children, generally, accomplishes at a certain age. The three age groups are Infancy (birth to 18 months), Toddlerhood (18 months …show more content…

The second indicator states that children will know that the alphabet has a symbolic representation that has an individual name. Using one letter shows that each letter has an individual name and shape. Children will learn to recognize the letters when they internalize the name to the physical appearance. The NYS Early Learning Guidelines suggest reading an alphabet book with children. Alphabet books are useful because the letter has a physical form so children can look and say the name of the letter. Also, alphabet books can help build vocabulary. Using an alphabet book during story time helps assess whether or not children remember the letters they learned before. One indicator of the guideline is the child’s ability to “associate names of letters with their shapes.” (pg. 108) First I would show the pages to children without reading the book. They can link letters to the beginning of their names and they can ask or tell me what word begins with that letter. After reading the book I can ask the children about the letters in the book. I can focus on the letters we have done previously and what objects we can name with them. I can ask them to point out the letters on the alphabet chart. Then I can focus on the letter we are currently working on in class. We can create a word chart with words that begin with the letter “D.” They can point

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