The Naked Gun Analysis

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Make Your Title Comedies have always been intended to bring laughter out of the audience. They are well articulated and the humor is meant to be delivered by the actors through their acting skills. Most modern day comedies are meant for general audiences and thats what makes them special. David Zucker’s 1988 comedy classic ,“The Naked Gun: Files from Police Squad”, is a good example of a humor filled film. “The Naked Gun”, which can also be termed as a comedy-drama, is a funny, dramatic, yet slightly violent tale of a police officer, Lt. Frank Drebin ,who sets out to find the crook behind his partners officer Nordberg’s, shooting. All the bread crumbs lead him to a corrupt business tycoon, Vincent Ludwig, a man who devises a plan to assassinate queen Elizabeth among his other ruthless activities. A plan which …show more content…

The incorporation of many sexual jokes as well as the mild sexual references limits the audience in terms of what age group is allowed to view it. Most of the jokes were rather old school, hence why it would take the younger generation quite some time before they grasp it. For the most part, the dialogue was rather captivating, and that is where most of the humor is derived from. Despite the visualizations of sexual gags, one can't help but laugh at the sheer unexpectedness. What really made this film intriguing was the main characters. Lt. Drebin, a character played by Leslie Nielsen, nailed the role in the film. His acting was point on, his insane type of humor was off the charts, and his delivery was on point with a straight face. Another character was Oj Simpson, his presence was lovable he wasn't as funny as Nielsen but his presence in the movie added more value to it. “The Naked Gun” was a classic comedy with humor filled scenarios, and delivered very well despite the use of vulgar language, the film supersedes its

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