Hot Rod Vs Napoleon Dynamite

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Hot Rod vs. Napoleon Dynamite On one hand, Hot Rod is “cool beans”,on the other, Napoleon Dynamite is “flippin’ sweet!” Both these weird-humored comedies have various “on the surface” aspects that generate similarity, yet different components of each film set the two apart. The plot of these movies are more different than they are alike. Napoleon Dynamite is set in a small town and has a fairly insignificant plot: Pedro for class president. Napoleon, himself, is an awkward teenager trying to help his friend. Comparing this to Hot Rod, there is a step up. The plot of the Hot Rod showcases a fairly more significant than that of Napoleon Dynamite. Rod Kimble is an awkward adult who is trying to raise money for his stepfather's life-saving heart …show more content…

Napoleon and his friends retain PG humor with comments that are so simply odd a viewer has to laugh, “What the flip was Grandma doing at the sand dunes?” Rod and his crew, though, amp up their humor level to PG-13 with drug use, crude humor, and profanities. A considerable amount of the humor in Hot Rod relies on violence to draw laughter from the audience, “You’re wrong, Frank. I’m not a kid, I’m a man. I am gonna get you better, and then I’m gonna beat you to death!” Violence is nearly absent in Napoleon Dynamite with the exception of Uncle Rico launching a steak at Napoleon’s face. There is a minute romance in Hot Rod with Rod and Denise, yet there is an even more nonexistent one in Napoleon Dynamite with Napoleon and Deb: almost nonexistent. Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that almost anyone could watch and enjoy. Hot Rod, however, is a hit or miss movie. The controversial topics of Hot Rod could also be concerning for parents, whereas parents would easily let their children watch Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon Dynamite and Hot Rod are the same type of movie on the surface, but their differences in plot and humor display how they cater to different audiences. Napoleon Dynamite remains an enjoyable movie with a steady pace while Hot Rod goes on as not resolute. These two classic movies have certain aspects that both set them apart from one another as well as adding to their

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