The Napoleonic Era Has Remain Fundamentally Relevant Today

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Napoleonic era provided operational practices that remain fundamentally relevant today. The Napoleonic Era is an example of Revolution of Military Affairs (RMA) and is fundamentally relevant today. During the Napoleonic Era many scholars studied the techniques used during his nearly twenty years of military success two of the more famous scholars is Clausewitz and Jomini. Both scholars were on Napoleons staff and learned a lot from failure as well as success. During my paper I will discuss three main points that represent a few of Napoleons contributes to the current military. The first point will be the change from dynastic armies to ideological nationalism. This change was valuable because the army called for volunteers and most of the population supported the revolution.2 The second point will be Napoleons ability to master maneuver wafare. Clausewitz and Jomini were two military scholars that studied Napoleon’s techniques used during his nearly twenty years of military success. They both took differenc
In order for Napoleon to Major Point A: Mastered maneuver warfare understanding the value of combined arms operations. The ability to use Infantry and Artillery together was essential.

The concept of the division and corps was already established before Napoleon took command. What he was able to do was maneuver them to perfection. During his early years he mastered the art of invasions by using two main strategies. He would use Strategy of central position

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