The Narrative Voice in the Lovely Bones

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In the novel The Lovely Bones (TLB) by Alice Sebold, the narrative voice is the key technique that hooks the reader and compels him or her to turn over the page. While the author uses a number of other literary techniques to draw the reader in, it is the narrator’s voice that is this novel’s most interesting and appealing feature. The narrative voice in this novel is unique to other novels because the narrator is a girl named Susie Salmon who is speaking from heaven. This is a distinctive point in the novel because it gives us the story from the perspective from others and we experience themes in the book that we never experienced before.

Firstly the narrator of the book TLB is a teenaged girl named Susie Salmon who has been raped at murdered by a man named Mr. Harvey. Susie lived in a small American town and was killed in a cornfield at the age of 14. We know that she is talking from the after-life because she tells us from the first page “I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973”. She then starts to narrate the novel from the afterlife. This perspective allows us this point of view to experience the narrator and the people she is connected with in a way we have never touched upon before. Susie can tell the mood of a person, what he/she is thinking at the time, what they are going to do next and it’s because of the way she can interpret the emotions of other people that makes the narrative voice of this novel it’s unique selling point

Secondly the narrator

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