The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People

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I will be observing a Hofstra University organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The intent of the NAACP Chapter at Hofstra University is to educate, uplift, and unify the students of Hofstra University and the surrounding community. They discuss issues surrounding the black community and bring about different ways to help alleviate the pressures the black community faces. A main issue facing the black community throughout the United States is police brutality and the exploitations of the innocent young, black men with the use of violence. I will be observing how they interact with one another. This group of people rely on each other to brainstorm ideas and to participate in order to receive…show more content…
These stories may push them to be more hesitant and hostile toward the police.
Viewing the interactions between races and ethnicities is also important to observe. An ethnic group is a social category of people who share a common culture, such as a common language, a common religion, or common norms, customs, practices, and history. Ethnic groups have a consciousness of their common cultural bond. It is important to look at the role of social interaction and how it reduces racial and ethnic hostility and how race and ethnicity are socially constructed. “In essence, symbolic interactionists ask the question, ‘What happens when two people of different race or ethnicity come in contact with one another and how can such interracial or interethnic contact reduce hostility and conflict?’ Observing different characteristics and how the people interact with one another is important, because even though many differ in their ethnic and racial background, a common goal exists that they all share: to bring about a safe community where everyone feels accepted and wanted.
In order to effectively research whether ethnicity, age, gender, and race have an effect on how an individual view a certain topic such as police brutality I will be observing the group as a participant: asking questions to the group about the topic, looking for reactions and in the end handing
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