The National Federation Of Community Development Credit Unions

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I. Introduction
The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions helps low- and moderate-income individuals achieve financial independence by assisting credit unions that serve under-banked communities. The Federation’s members provide financial services to over 4 million customers and hold $32.5 billion in assets. The Federation’s members are classified as “community development credit unions” (CDCUs) – a particular type of financial institution which aims to assist economically vulnerable individuals in establishing financial security for themselves, their families and their neighborhoods. With an emphasis on mission, stewardship and personal interactions, these organizations have served as important lifelines in the
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II. Methodology
Through informational interviews with seven industry experts and a thorough literature review, the team explored the concept of “big data” and generated key insights which will guide the Federation’s approach as the organization develops its members’ data analytics capacities. Additionally, the team identified a clear business case for implementing data analytics at CDCUs using strategies appropriate for the level of resources within each individual organization. The team also developed a set of survey questions for the client to use when gauging the level of interest and capacity within any individual CDCU.

III. Understanding Big Data and Predictive Analytics
The increasingly popular terms “big data” and “predictive analytics” have become so widely discussed that, in many ways, they lack a cogent meaning – even within the financial industry. The Capstone team used the literature review as an opportunity to scan the field for defining characteristics, resulting in a suggested guide for how the Federation should articulate these concepts. Generally speaking, big data is about the growing availability of data, as well as the tools needed to analyze the information. Predictive analytics refers to the analysis of big data which can help uncover patterns, correlations and trends that were otherwise unknown to the organization. Predictive analytics is also known as
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