The Natural Human Learning Process

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The brain is a very important part of the body that helps human beings process information. In addition to processing information, the brain also helps one to develop new skills and abilities on a daily basis. The learning process can be broken down into six stages called Then Natural Human Learning process. The Natural Human Learning Process was created by Dr. Rita Smilkstein. The NHLP consists of six stages which focuses on how one develops and masters a skill. The first stage of the NHLP is called motivation, this stage is where one become interested in learning a skill. The second stage is called the beginning practice, this stage is when you make all your mistakes and continue to improve on them. The third stage is called advanced practice, this is where one begins to research their skill and continue to work on their craft. The fourth stage is Skillfulness; during this stage one begins to have success and enjoyment in sharing what a person has learned. The fifth stage is refinement, during this stage ones skill becomes natural. It feels better when a person has the passion to improve their skill. Mastery is the sixth stage where one can teach the craft they have learned. Recognition of how one has advanced in a skill may become apparent to others and can persuade them to become a follower. In my personal life, the motivational stage was a big part of my life; I grew up with a single mother who spent a lot of time working to provide for me and my brother. I gravitated

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