The Nature Of Our Behavior

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The Nature of our Behavior
The genes that make up the human body determine our behavior, even before we are born. Yet the way we are raised may also have an impact on the way we behave, but how much does nature or nurture determine our personality of who we are during the developing as children. Thomas B. Lewis, M.D. once said “While genes are pivotal in establishing some aspects of emotionality, experience plays a central role in turning genes on and off. DNA is not the heart’s destiny; the genetic lottery may determine the cards in your deck, but experience deals the hand you can play. Scientists have proven, for example, that good mothering can override a disadvantageous temperament". Since genes make up the cards we are dealt, we are limited to our genes abilities.
The view that a person 's behavior is determined by genetics is called nature, and the view that a person 's behavior is determined by the environment is called nurture. Kendra, Cherry states that the extreme hereditary position is called nativists (Kendra Cherry). They believe that the basic assumption is that the characteristics of the human species as a whole are a product of evolution and that individual differences are due to each person’s unique genetic code. Kendra, Cherry says the extreme view on behaviorism is empiricists. They take the position that all or
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most behaviors and characteristics result from learning (Kendra Cherry). Then all behavior, no matter how complex, can be reduced to a

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