The Nature Of Vaccination

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Should all people who work in government education centres go through mandatory vaccination?
The act of vaccination has been discussed frequently over the past decade, with arguments from supporters of vaccination and anti-vax advocates impacting on the opinions of others regarding child vaccination. While the focus is primarily on the act of vaccinating babies and young children as well as adolescents in high school, this report will investigate into the “mandatory nature” of vaccination as this is a current contemporary issue affecting Australians. The question of ‘Should all people in government education centres go through mandatory vaccination?’ will be further explored through three focus questions including ‘Why were vaccinations introduced?’, ‘What are the benefits and risks of vaccines?’ and ‘Should vaccination be mandatory for adults working in education centres?’ In order to gain highly effective and relevant information, primary sources in the form of an interview by a Nurse Unit Manager from the Immunisation Section of the South Australian Communicable Disease Control Branch and a survey of the general public have been conducted, as well as the use of secondary sources from various websites, including medical journal articles and news reports.
Why were vaccinations introduced?
Vaccination is the act of treating a patient with a vaccine that would create an immunity against a disease, also known as inoculation. The patient is injected with a microbe that has

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