The Nature of Communism and Nazism Essay

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Two totalitarian systems, Communism and Nazism were the two most frightening totalitarian political systems in the history of mankind. They were the systems most brutal to its political adversaries but also to its own people and other races and/or religions. Unfortunately our own country, Croatia faced both of them during the 20th century, and some of bad influences we still feel today.In my essay I will do my best to examine these two totalitarian systems, describe their nature in essence and answer question "How did Communism and Nazism influence the societies".
Communism in general is the political and economic system which wants to replace private property and market economy with public ownership and peoples' control of production …show more content…

Nazi party developed racist ideology based on anti- Semitism and a belief of superiority of Aryan Germans. Nazis also believed that all races, especially Jews, were inferior to them. They also believed in absolute authority of the Government – it was supposed to control all aspects of the citizens' lives.In 1919 Hitler joined the German workers party and in 1921 became a leader of the party. Nazi party itself was partly established on the developing discontent and frustration with the Weimar republic, after the First World War loss. One of the typical Nazi propaganda posters in 1932 said "Our last hope Hitler". By the year 1933 Hitler and his party took over power in Germany. During the same year Hitler's secret service called Gestapo was set up with one primer goal – to detect enemies of the State and make them harmless.Nazis had very strong views on the role of women in their society. At some point Nazis started to think that women should be at home and only raise their children and they wanted to make sure that children were brought up with the "proper views", according their Nazi ideology.Most of the boys joined German Young People at the age of 10 and between 14 and 18 were attending military training and later on even military service. Girls were supposed to become members of Young Maidens by the age of 14 and later on join the League of German Maidens before the age of 21.
Undoubtedly both Communism and Nazism were totalitarian political systems or

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