Life In Communist Cuba

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There are only five countries left in this world that still call themselves communists stated by (PRI,2013). Everyone knows those five countries as, China, Dominican Republic, Korea, Vietnam, and of course Cuba. Cuba is home to 11.2 million citizens whom live a very different life than us who populate the united states (PRI,2013). During the year of 1925 the socialist party was founded forming the Communist party. Cubans government has survived over 50 years of Communism (BBC,2017). Communism is described as the idea, of karl marx, supporting class war, leading to a community, in which all estate is owned by the public, also each individual is paid by their skill and qualification to work, according to their needs (Merriam-Webster, 2017). Life in Communist Cuba spoken from…show more content…
southeastern shoreline. Promptly around 1959, combating for many years. Castro gets to be distinctly ruler, his sibling, Raul, turns into his assistant. Fidel Castro dominated in regards to defeating the legislature of Cuban dictator. American sensitivity dissolved quit quick, Although, when Premier Castro started to act and sound like a communist dictator. He neglected to hold the free electoral polls, that he had guaranteed the Cuban citizens. He put to death several of his previous political competitors in nasty trials expected more as publication than as legal procedures. At that point he continued to fill Cuban prisons yet again with political commentators, including a large portion of Castro's previous acquaintances, against communist work pioneers, and other veteran opponents of the Batista administration. The press was strictly being watched. foreign claimed property was taken impulsively without reasonable pay, and maybe with no pay at all. only the communists came out unscathed from Castro's severe and vindictive
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