The Nazi 's Under Hitlers Rule

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During World War 2, the Nazi’s under Hitlers rule had made a decision which was to eliminate all of the Jews that were in Germany, and in German occupied territories. This was because they believed Jews to be contamination the pure, aryan-Germans. Nazi’s started sending the Jews to Concentration camps in 1938. Going to a concentration camp meant death, therefore Jews started trying to hide from Nazi officials or escape the camps. This was a dangerous task, and not everyone who did it survived.
One German born Jew, Marie Jalowicz, made around 80 tapes, narrating her experiences of running from the Gestapo, the secret police in Germany. She was only ten when Hitler was brought into power, but by 1941 both her parents had died, and she was …show more content…

At one point she was living under the shelter of a communist man and his sister. The man raped Marie, but she never fought back. She was just happy for the shelter. Finally Marie was taken in by a group of Dutch slave workers, and stayed with them until the Red Army liberated the ruins of Berlin in 1945. While they were set free, hundreds of Jewish Women were raped by the Russian soldiers, Marie was one of them. While hiding from Nazi’s, Marie had a pill induced abortune. And while she did not regret it, she felt immensely saddened for not being able to see her child. Yet, her will to live was so strong she would have done anything.
Some ordinary Germans fought to help the Jews avoid persecution, whether it was because of Christian charity, friendship, love, or because they simply did not agree with the politics that were being executed by the National Socialists. They provided the jews with hiding places, forged papers, food and supplies. The people tried to help Jews from being deported on trains, and escape the concentration camps. There was a priest who secretly was an escape agent, and even a police officer who helped tamper with papers to keep the Nazi’s off the Jews trail. Robert T Smallbones, A British consul general, brought the Jewish into the British consulate during the November riots in 1938. Around 48,000 Jews were able to escape to Great Britain.
There were some known

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