The Necessity of Health Education Essay

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Health education is one of the most controversial subjects taught in schools throughout the United States. Many people argue that the topics discussed in health classes do not have appropriate content for middle school and high school students to be learning. Despite the controversy surrounding these topics, health education is still an extremely important aspect of the middle school and high school curricula. Children are being exposed to alcohol, tobacco, and various drugs at earlier ages than ever before. Health education is the best vehicle to inform students of the dangers and consequences that are associated with these substances. Health education also allows students to become aware of the changes that will affect their minds and …show more content…
Also, the actions of someone who has consumed alcohol can strain personal relationships. Alcohol can cause several diseases and damage to internal organs, including the liver, the pancreas, the heart, and the brain. Cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver, is a very common result of drinking. Other physical damages include pancreatitis, hypertension, osteoporosis, and certain cancers. Alcohol also obviously impairs the mind. People who are under the influence of alcohol do not have the mental ability to make sound judgments or decisions. This is why alcohol induced accidents are so common. A person under the influence of alcohol may not realize that they are too intoxicated to operate a car, therefore putting countless lives at risk. Another dangerous aspect of alcohol is that it is addictive. People who drink alcohol often are subject to alcoholism. Drinking alcohol is socially acceptable, which makes it easier for an addiction to develop. Alcohol releases dopamine, which produces a sense of satisfaction, and endorphins, which kill pain. These combined feelings produce a “high” feeling that keeps people wanting to come back for more. If a person is labeled as an alcoholic, they are subject to being considered detrimental to society by outsiders. This can negatively affect school, work, familial relationships, and friendships.
Health education can play a major role in changing the stereotypical view that many teenagers have of
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