The Need For Terrorism In The Movie 'Battle Of Algiers'

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Throughout the history of mankind, groups of individuals have sought to dominate and exploit other groups in order to satisfy their own selfish desires. The entitlement to oppress usually stems for the notion that the oppressor is superior to the oppressed, and as such the oppressive and dehumanizing actions taken are legitimate. Often the philosophy of separation is based on a difference in race or class. In an effort to reclaim a sense of dignity and pride, and to enjoy some sort of human decency, the oppressed men are forced to resort to violence since the oppressors will not easily relinquish their powerful positions to those who seek freedom.
In the movie, ‘Battle of Algiers,’ Director and co-writer, Gillo Pontecorvo along with his co-writer, Franco Solinas examine the circumstances around the fight of the Algerian people, mainly through the National Liberation Front, against French colonialism in that nation. The writers position on the requisite need for terrorism when people fight for attaining freedom is glaring through the movie. I believe the men are stating in an uncompromising manner that terrorism in absolutely important and indispensable when a people is fighting to be liberated, as the oppressor understands no other language but the language of violence. From the beginning of the movie this was made clear when Ali La Pointe was told by Djafar that the violence was necessary to wake up the people and to clean up the society of all ill reputes, making the

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