The Need Of Organ Transplants Essay

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The overwhelming need of organ transplants are increasing daily. There are many causes for such a high demand in the organ crisis, one of them being diabetes. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of organ transplants, primarily kidneys. The waiting lists for donated organs are so incredibly long, that often, people wait for up to three years for an organ to become available. In the United Sta` tes alone, there is an average of seventeen patients per day that die while awaiting an organ transplant. (Journal of Medical Ethics) The United States is not the only nation plagued with such long waiting lists. The problem of having a shortage of organs needed for transplants has taken its toll throughout the entire world. This global issue is in need of a solution. How do we reduce the numbers of patients awaiting organ transplants? Also, at what cost are people willing to pay for an organ that is so desperately needed? Kidney transplants are the fastest growing surgical procedure that the world is in need of today. Throughout the globe, there are an estimated 2.8 million people that are currently in need of a kidney. Patients in need of kidney transplants are often placed on dialysis (a long term prevention for kidney failure). The sufferable acts of dialysis alone, can lead people to do irrational things. In their desperation, they often try to find ways to help prolong the life expectancy of their loved ones on dialysis. The problem lies in the amount of surgeries

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