The Need for Regulations on the Death Penalty Essay

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Do psychopaths who have no remorse in taking human lives deserve to live, or should they be executed with the same cold death they showed toward their victims? If the state governments establish the regulation of capital punishment, it would contain peace within the victim’s family and local communities.
To be considered a serial killer, the average associated murders are at least three. However, it also only takes three victims to be justified for the death penalty. A former organization known as Research and Development, RAND, a non-profit organization, study factors including the defendant’s race, victim’s race, and crime characteristics that affect the decision in determining the use of the death penalty. (David B. Muhlhausen, Ph.D.) This organization can also justify who gets the death penalty and why.
In many cases, capital punishment affects many societies by providing a form of closure or peace of mind as it disconnects the victims peers from the murderer. It also creates peace within communities by permanent separation from society. The victims’ families will not have to live with the idea that the convicted murderer still resides on Earth. As a result, penal occurs by persecution under the legal system as well as retribution from punishment resulting in relief for the communities. (Kyle Gibson) Also capital punishment leaves an effect on murder rates by the “Deterrence Theory”, which suggests the increasing risk of apprehension and punishment for a crime that…

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