The Need for Regulations on the Death Penalty Essay

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Do psychopaths who have no remorse in taking human lives deserve to live, or should they be executed with the same cold death they showed toward their victims? If the state governments establish the regulation of capital punishment, it would contain peace within the victim’s family and local communities. To be considered a serial killer, the average associated murders are at least three. However, it also only takes three victims to be justified for the death penalty. A former organization known as Research and Development, RAND, a non-profit organization, study factors including the defendant’s race, victim’s race, and crime characteristics that affect the decision in determining the use of the death penalty. (David B. Muhlhausen, Ph.D.) …show more content…

Over the years, many Americans have thought about an “Eye for an Eye” justice, which is known to be an idea of punishment that result in a crime equal to the defendants committed crime. (Phil B.) It satisfies the idea of a centralized government, which has the control to kill a murderer, and that killer will not ever appear back in any society, knowing they would murder again within your community or region. Consider, Ted Bundy, a serial killer whose number of known victims is 36, and who is a suspected criminal in further crimes. For Bundy, death is the only logical punishment and should experience an execution equal to his victims’. (Joseph Banks) If they are not prosecuted with the death penalty, many are sentenced to life in prison. When this happens, many criminals still have access to the outside world through connections within and outside prison. For example, drug trafficking organizations occur throughout regions that are being operated within the prisons. There is no separation from imprisoned criminals and society. Without capital punishment criminals still have a direct access to other contacting other killers, threating fellow prisoners, as well as guards who risk their life to protect civil society from criminals. (Kyle Gibson) One negative result of capital punishment is that it cannot be reversed. Once the convict has been put to death, he cannot be revived. (Unknown) In the U.S., law enforcement agree that an

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