The Need to Update Individual Education Plans in Special Education

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A week into the new school year, Suzie was assigned a client from another school district. With a large caseload, Suzie knew it would be difficult to assess the new client and write the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). She quickly glanced over the IEP sent from the other school district. She decided to copy the digital IEP and use it for her own files. She noticed that the IEP had been formulated over a year ago, but figured she could just change the date. Plus, when things slowed down next month, she could reassess the new client and rewrite the IEP. Do you think the above example is justifiable? Why? Please be specific in your reasoning. Despite feeling overwhelmed, Suzie is not justified in her actions. All special needs …show more content…

72). Finally, if Suzie does not follow the appropriate procedures, both she and her school district could face legal consequences (Weatherly, 2012). Question 2: Suzie is rushed to finish the IEP for her new client. Following the meeting with the necessary therapists, teachers and parents, Suzie quickly types out the report. She includes the scores from the assessments and, but she does not include explanations. She believes it is better to have the IEP finished, and that the assessment scores provide sufficient information. After printing off the report, she notices a few misspellings and grammatical errors. She quickly fixes the errors with an ink pen, and turns the IEP into her administrator. Would the IEP Suzie turned in be considered acceptable? Why? The IEP Suzie turned in would not be considered acceptable. First, any technical document should include more than data and numbers. According to Roth & Worthington (2011), “A well-written document does more than report test scores and performance data. It provides an explanation of each data point and specifies its relation to a client’s overall communication profile and needs” (p. 62). Second, Suzie’s poorly written IEP may damage her reputation with other professions. In some cases, a written report is the only means of communication between clinicians (Roth & Worthington, 2011, p. 62). Finally,

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