The Negative Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Introduction Oh no!I look up sitting next to my friend, and I see tears in her eyes. “What's wrong?” I ask. “Someone keeps saying these hurtful things online,” she replies. Cyberbullying affects more teens than you may be aware. It may even be happening to you, and you do not recognize it as being bullied. Cyberbullying is when a person is abusing you with words online. There are many ways to recognizing bullies, get out of a bullying situation, and heal from being bullied. Recognizing bullies A lot of teens cyber bully others and don’t even recognize it. 50% of teens are getting cyber bullied (Cyberbullying Effects - Fund for Civi...).One reason people may do this is because they have been hurt, or they could also have …show more content…

So for this to go on you will need to get out of cyberbullying because no one wants to be bullied. Get out of a Cyberbullying situation Getting out of a cyberbullying situation may be hard but, the bully wants power over you. For the bully to not to get control or power there are a couple things you have to do. One thing you can do is tell them to stop. If you do this it will allow the person to know that you're going to take power by telling them to stop. Another thing you can do is talk to them in person and then you will be able to say “Why are you doing this to me.” in that case, they will be able to see you in pain. It will want to make them stop because if they had previous situations of them being hurt they will know there passing on the pain and they will feel bad. The last thing you can do is block yourself from the whole situation. So maybe block all accounts they have that way they are not able to contact or text you. After you block them simply delete all social media so you won't have to be reminded of everything. If you don’t let anyone know depression, hurt ,and anxiety will build up in you and that's when people hurt themselves.(Website )Possible don’t argue with them in person it will show your mad. Plus they could try to fight you if they think of you as you being all tough. They want to put you down in the most possible way. Now after all the bullying you try to prevent you might need to know how to be healed from all of the

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