The Negative Effects Of Depression And Diseaseing

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Beta Accumulation, Neurogenesis, Behavior, and the Age of Rats, analyzed the adverse effects of these amyloid intermediates on “neuronal viability, synaptic plasticity, and synaptic function”(Church, Miller, Freestone, Chiu, Osgood, Machan, J. T., Silverberg, 2014 p.530).Scientists have found the most productive way to prevent these plaques is to maintain a healthy diet. If the public understands that there are ways to either postpone or eliminate symptoms of this neurocognitive disease, it gives them a more positive outlook on aging. Depression is a common symptom of aging, according to The Reciprocal Relationship Between Depression and Physical Morbidity (2017), if one perceives themselves as old and correlates depression as a natural…show more content…
The beginning stages of Alzheimer’s often start a spiral of depression more quickly as their personality, memory and temperaments contort in abnormal ways as the disease progresses. This research is important as it studies the trend between cognitive decline and the well-being of seniors. My experiances support the findings of this study.
This topic of Abnormal Psychology is important because the United States population is growing exponentially therefore the senior population is increasing as well. According to the Center of Disease Control the life expectancy for the average U.S citizen is 78.8 years of age (National Center for Health Statistics, 2017). Technological advances, medicines and treatments are constantly entering the healthcare field giving every subsequent generation a fighting chance for more years of survival. While some debate that these advancements do less to improve the quality of life and merely prolong life, the reality is, people are living significantly longer years and the healthcare field needs to be prepared to meet the growing needs. However, “a person diagnosed with Alzheimer's can expect to live half as along as a peer who doesn't have the disease” this is why these studies are significant from a psychological standpoint (Scott, 2017, p.1). As the sixth leading cause of death
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