The Negative Effects Of Divorce And Corm Effects On Children

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Divorce is an unfortunate event, especially for those with children. Divorces can be ugly filled with accusations and disagreements. When parents’ divorce they sometimes have trouble setting aside their differences in order to do what’s best for the children. Parents actions during this process can either benefit or harm a child. Divorce can have some negative as well as positive long-term effects on children. This term paper will discuss how divorce can impact children as well as things parents can do to help their child through a divorce. Fagan and Churchill (2012), mentions that another sort of divorce occurs between parent and child that can permanently disrupt the relationship. Soon after parents’ divorce they experience problems such as adjusting to their own intrapsychic conflicts and to their role as a divorced parent. Children whose parents have divorced get less emotional support, financial assistance, and practical help from their parents. Divorced homes reveal a decline in language stimulation, pride, affection, stimulation of academic behavior, support of social maturity, and compassion towards the children. Some research indicates that parental divorce itself may not affect parenting skills. However, divorce can lead to a whole array of emotions that can affect both parenting and parental control such as worry, exhaustion, and stress (Fagan & Churchill, 2012). Royal and Knoff (1990), discuss how divorce affects children at different ages.

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