The Negative Effects Of Divorce

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Popular disputed subjects are argued every day, and in many cases these arguments can mean life or death. For example, people who view televised arguments often feel targeted for their beliefs. People have an opinion they want heard, which, in many circumstances, turns into a national debate. A well-known controversy that is increasing worldwide is divorce. Research has shown that there is a significant amount of effects on children after a divorce. This is most likely because of the mental and physical chaos the children are feeling. In many divorce cases, there are long-term effects that hinders children from having a peaceful adult-life. These effects include: relationship issues, inability to make a place feel like a home, and the …show more content…

Because of sudden divorce, children always expect something to go wrong, which makes them vulnerable and insecure. In addition, many short-term effects are based off insecurity. A normal reaction from a child of recently divorced parents is anger. Anger is most often the first emotion they use against their parents. This is because they do not know how to feel; their world has just been shaken, and they blame their parents for the inconvenience of the situation. Wallerstein later suggests in her article that “They are remarkable, really, in that they do for themselves what children really have a right to expect from their parents. They create their own morality” (Wallerstein). This statement contributes to the assumption that most children blame their parents, but it goes against the theory that, because of the divorce, the child was forced to grow up. They are just children trying to make sense of the sudden commotion in their life. At first, emotions overwhelm the child, leaving them with a feeling of abandonment. The next action made decides the future life of the children: custody. Custody battles are an increasingly relevant and an important aspect of divorce. Although

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