The Negative Effects Of Role Playing Games On Teens

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Is it possible that some of today's most popular yet most violent role-playing games might have a severe negative impact on today's world? In today's world, many teens are involved in a variety of games with simulated violence included in them. Although they are popular, these games have received a lot of controversy over the years. “Twenty-year-old Adam Lanza was obsessed with the violent lifelike video battle games that he played at the large suburban home where he lived alone with his mother, a teacher who became the first victim of his horrific shooting spree in December of 2012.” (6 Murders whose killings are linked to video game obsession). Events like this are unfortunately common which results in people being concerned about the games causing real-world problems. Others have brought up concern about the content and others about their purpose. If these games are as hazardous as they are said to be, they should not be permitted or tolerated at all because of the range of problems they can cause. Even though some believe they are okay I strongly believe role-playing games with simulated violence have a negative impact on teens because, violent role-playing games waste too much time, influence violence, and cause bad behavior.

To start, role-playing games have a negative impact on teens because they are a waste of time. Often times these games have a prize or motive that draws teens into participating. The negative part of this comes when so many teens are

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