The Negative Effects Of Violent Role Playing Games In High School

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Regretful Fun
Picture this, kids running around your neighborhood at night, with what looks to be a silhouette of a gun in their hands. You panic thinking you and your family could be in danger, and quickly dial 911. After waiting five minutes, you hear the screaming sirens of police cars, as you watch the kids scatter into their vehicles and drive away, some even jump over the fence of your next-door neighbor to run out of sight. You see the coast is clear and you approach the police officer, he informs you that it is just a bunch of teenagers playing a silly, but dangerous role-playing game. Role-playing games have been a part of society for decades and have most recently become popular with students at high schools across the country. Role-playing is a way for students to build friendships in school, but it is ultimately harmful to those who suffer injury or get in trouble with the law. Although these games may be a way for students to connect, and have fun, violent role-playing games need to be more closely monitored by school administration or be eliminated altogether. Violent role-playing games are not a positive way for students to spend their time because they are dangerous and result in negative experiences.
At most high schools, students play a game called “Assassin,” or something similar, as a way to celebrate the end of the school year. It’s a game of excitement, strategy, and violence, which often causes problems in and out of school. According to the
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