The Negative Effects Of Smartphone Use Among Teenagers And College Students

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Over the past years, improper smartphone usage has been a widespread concernedly problem among teens and college students. According to Hawi and Samaha (2016), “Smartphones are becoming an integral part of the lives of all age worldwide. People feel inseparable from their smartphones” (p. 321). Problematic smartphone use are considered as an “important indicators that someone is on the path to smartphone addiction” (Cevik, Gokcearslan, Haslaman, & Mumcu, 2016, p. 640). As the emergence of smartphone addiction, a great deal of negative effects come along as well. Researchers have worked to figure out the causal factors of smartphone addiction from both academic and psychological field. In the meantime, social media becomes a controversial topic among researchers since students spend most of their smartphone time on social media application. The question that whether social media is beneficial for students’ life is highly debated. Students now have many ways to communication because of the rapid growth of communication technology. “Cell phones and smartphones are used for both sending text messages and talking, while online communication methods such as email, chat and social networking provide additional methods to keep in touch” (Robinson & Stubberub, 2012, p. 105). Cell phone, as a powerful tool, provides college students huge convenience to communication. Manolis, Roberts, and Yaya (2014) state that as young adults and college students increasingly rely on cell phones,

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