The Negative Effects Of Smoking

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One in every five deaths in the united states is smoking related. Many people smoke many different kinds of cigarettes and many of these people are addictive and it is extremely difficult for them to quit even though it results in lung cancer. There are many reasons why people choose to start this horrible habit which is being stressed, being around people who smoke, doing it for pleasure and being depressed. There are definitely many negative risks associated with smoking cigarettes such as lung cancer that is because cigarettes are damaging the cells that line the lungs and when people inhale any kind of cigarette smoke which is full of cancer-causing substances that are carcinogens and it affects the lung tissues immediately. One of the million hazardous effects of smoking is it shortens human life ten years or more. Smoking is one of the most horrible habits in society because it does not only affect the person who is smoking but affects all the people surrounding this individual. Smoking has three negative main effects on people’s health; it causes lung cancer, appearance, and loss of appetite.
One of the most dangerous effects smoking has on the human body is it will definitely cause lung cancer within time. Many people have lost loved ones because of this tragedy, and everyone knows someone that has passed away because of smoking. Smoking can significantly higher risk of developing lung cancer and it is absolutely the most common cause of death in both men and women.

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