The Negative Effects Of Sports Concussions

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Athletes are risking their lives for the sports they love. Although this many do not realize the negative effects concussions have on one's brain. Sports to day are invested out of the love of a competition or a challenge. The levels these games have evoluted to through the ages is crazy with all of it stemming from becoming bigger, stronger, and faster which makes sports less like a game and more like war. If you view it that way, the opposing teams are coming at each other battling to win and giving everything they have to win. Recent discoveries have just begun to realize the severity of concussions and the way they affect the lives of athletes in and after the game. Despite this, players still must play the game. They must try not to permanently impact each other's lives through brain injuries. Every time a player straps up their helmet and walks on the football field, they are putting their body at risk. Coaches should help players practice safe tackling to reduce the risk of injury.
Many have asked the question, what really is a concussion? Actually, there are different levels of a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury of TBI caused by a sudden jolt, hit, or blow to the head (Iv. Sports Concussion). Concussions can occur from many things such as a fall, blow, or impact to the body that causes the brain to move quickly back and forth. As a result, the injury changes the way your brain works in the long run. When you get a concussion your brain moves

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