The Negative Effects Of Television On Television And Childhood Obesity

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According to the A.C. Nielsen Co. (2009), children spend an average of 28 hours a week hooked up to the TV. That number adds up to 1,456 hours of television a year, which means that children spend an average of 2 months out of the year watching nonstop TV! Though these figures are shocking, even more shocking is the scientific evidence that confirms the detrimental effect watching the television is having on today’s children. Watching television for long periods of time has been directly linked to childhood obesity. A study done by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that children in kindergarten and first grade who watched more than one hour of television per day, children viewing as little as one hour of TV daily were 58 percent to 73 percent more likely to be obese than children who watched less than one hour. (DeBoer, 2015) This is due in part to children’s tendency to eat on unhealthy, high-calorie foods while they watch TV. An article by HealthDay News found that “children in homes where parents watch regular TV with commercials had higher levels of junk food consumption and were more likely to have distorted views about healthy eating than children in homes where parents watched commercial-free digitally recorded TV or other types of media without food advertising.” (Preidt, 2013) Also contributing to this is the fact that children do not exercise while they watch TV, and watching television often takes the place of outside activities. Another
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