The Effects of Viewing Television Has on Child Obesity Essays

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The Effects of Viewing Television Has on Child Obesity Since television was first introduced, it has grabbed the attention of many. Allowing families to gather with one another and spend time watching their favorite shows. Though now it seems that television is playing a new role in many people’s everyday life by taking large amount of their free time. Many adults sit and watch hours of TV every day and now the trait is passing down to their youth. Children would prefer to watch TV, than rather be outside playing sports or doing other types of physical activities. Now the focus of child obesity is at an all-time high with many organizations such as “Shape Up America” calling on Americans to change their habits for the better. They are …show more content…

Overweight children have different diet behaviors that differ from other children who are not. Veldhuis L. (2012) found that the association between the behaviors and overweight were those who did not eat breakfast daily, had more than 2 glasses of a sweet beverage, and played less than one hour a day outside. These behaviors add up to a high calorie diet, and with the limited amount spent with outside play. They are unable to have enough physical activity to burn the appropriate amount of calories to not gain weight. These behaviors could lead the children to serious health problems later in life such as diabetes. A healthy diet is necessary to prevent overweight in children, and prevent any behaviors that can lead to health problems later in life. A television set in a child’s bedroom can cause higher obesity rates, because children are less likely to be encouraged to do any physical activities. When a child has a television set in their bed room, they are less likely to want to leave. This increases the odds of them having meals in their room, and laying down to watch TV. In which they do not have an opportunity to burn off the calories they intake. These risk factors are not as present in children who do not have a television set in their bedroom. Adachi-Mejia (2007) results found “Children with a TV in the bedroom were still 1.3 time more likely to be overweight than

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