The Negative Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Age DBQ
Did you know the Industrial Revolution started the increase of classes in the well being and it helped the nations start to identify national pride and identities. It also increased wealth. The Industrial revolution changed the United states a whole lot. This revolution had so many positive effects, a positive effect that occurred was that with all the new job openings and the steel production companies increasing, the economy started to grow. This revolution had so many negatives effects, a negative effect that occurred was that kids would work in factories for sixteen hours a day and would only have one forty minute break. A effect of the Industrial revolution also looks similar to an event which is happening today in the 21st century, which is air pollution, with all the factories during Industrial revolution there lead to a lot of air pollution.
The Industrial Revolution had so many positive effects. One of these positive effects that occurred during this time period was that economy flourished , there began to be more openings for jobs and the steel companies had a big increase over the years . In (document 2) it says , “The brothers Ashton have...enriched this desert...Mr. T Ashton employs 1500 work people (in his factories.). The young women are well and decently clothed...The houses...Mr. Ashton has built, 3000 of them, which he (rents) for 75 cents per week...Everywhere is to be observed a cleanliness which indicates order and comfort.” This

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