The Negative Effects Of The Trump Administration

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Trump administration

I decided to research the trump administration to the extent of how trumps administration has had a negative effect on society. I am interested in this issue because it affects many people in the world, and with Donald Trump being president of America he has the power to do many things. He has already started building a wall in the U.S and Mexico border, trump has also banned 7 majority Muslim countries with a negative effect on the whole world. My three key questions are, how does this affect other countries? How does this affect U.S? How does this affect the Middle East?

My first key question is, how does trump administration affect other countries? This relates to my (TWE) topic because as I said before, Donald Trump …show more content…

The information gained was: This is an article of the web, this is a negative viewpoint of trump and the author that wrote it is Andrew Prokop, who works for VOX [an American media company]. The title is "Trump has been president for two weeks, here’s what he’s done so far", the information gathered was mostly fact based but gave me the key insight into what the article was trying to verify. I believe this source is information based and really proves to be in a bias against Trump. This article said stuff such as: trump administration is a racial, nationalist, anti-Semitic, and religious campaign and because he is targeting and banning only Muslim majority countries for example: Syria, which is one of the seven banned countries. Not all people are bad, but Donald trump has banned not just one person he has banned a whole ethnicity from entering America, so this is bias because it is talking about religion, race and culture Yet I feel that the source is reliable, and prove to provide information for all three of my key questions and answers all of the three. However, another source of information about this first question is BBC an American website with "Trump executive order: who does the travel ban affect?" This information I gained about my first key question from this source is another website, this gave me a more negative look of what the countries think of trump and if they like him or not. This source gave me further details on the overview on BBC due to their bias again as I have mentioned at the top, it is bias towards Muslims and the ban of Muslim countries is mostly affecting Muslim Majority countries this is religious bias, a whole race is getting affected due to some people turning bad and making a bad name for their culture. Which has impacted on the ordinary people that get affected because some people

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