The Negative Effects Of Tourism On Ecosystems

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Humans are negatively effecting numerous ecosystems including the Rocky Shores, Sand Dunes and Mangrove communities. If human activities continue as they do now, there will be troubling future implications to nature, and to humans. Tourism, for example, is one of the major human influences that is destroying many valuable ecosystems. Tourism is commercial holidaying where people visit places of interest. (, 2017) It requires an abundance of associated infrastructure and resources and increased populations have negative effects on the surrounding ecosystems (Brambly, 2017). For example, increased foot traffic, runoff water quality and infrastructural development are all having drastic impacts to ecosystems and are caused by tourism. While it may be greatly beneficial for economic growth, which is why humans are so interested in it, tourism is a major strain on many vital ecosystems and courses of action should be taken to monitor its impacts to the environment. Increased foot traffic is one negative effect that tourism has on ecosystems. The rocky shore is a particularly vulnerable ecosystem to the effects of tourism as it is very accessible for humans, especially at low tide when structures and organisms are completely exposed (, 2017). The rocky shore is filled with a biodiverse range of creatures because of its enormous structure that also provides a habitat for filter feeders, which are important species that clean the

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